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October 20, 2009

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Food Loop Maiden Lane is a new project running on the Maiden Lane estate, in Camden, north London.

The aim of the project is to work with residents to design a scheme that will help them to recycle their food waste. The food waste will be composted on-site and used to grow fruit and vegetables.

The Food Loop team believe that the best way to get people to care about food waste is by making the local benefits of recycling and composting visible, and by ensuring that people are able to design a system that best meets their needs.

The project is a collaboration between the residents of Maiden Lane, SEED Foundation and the Policy Studies Institute, with the support of Camden Council. The project is funded by Defra’s Sustainable Behaviours Unit.

I’ve been supporting the project team by running working sessions with a design group formed of Maiden Lane residents and the Food Loop team. Using disposable cameras we tasked the residents to understand fellow residents’ food waste behaviour by photographing things such fridges, bins and kitchens table. More importantly though we began to think about ways of overcoming barriers to recycling food waste and the team designed how the new scheme should be communicated. They was no shortage of great ideas and now the scheme is in pilot mode with the communications released and residents starting to use the scheme.

Over the next month I will be working with the same resident group to discuss progress to date and design the next iteration of the food waste scheme prototype.

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