Squash court blueprinting

December 16, 2009

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squash court blueprinting.jpg

My project with Maiden Lane Food Loop continues at pace – please read ealrier post for more backgrond. I led a blueprinting session with stakeholders from Defra, Policy Studies Institute, E.L.C.R.P., Camden Council and SEED Foundation.

Before running the session I was asked what I needed. I said a big wall would be great. I got a squash court. It was wall space paradise!

The purpose of the session was to map the residents’ journey across the life of the food waste recycling service against various touch points. It provided a great opportunity for the team to truly understand the service from end-to-end and to pin-point where there were opportunities to improve the experience for residents.

In the New Year we will be working up improvements and I’ll be leading a session with residents to understand how they would like to use the compost being produced on the Maiden Lane Estate.

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