About nonon

We’re not an agency or consultancy. You pay for great people and results, not unnecessary overheads.

nonon is born out of the words ‘no-nonsense.’ Our goal is to demystify innovation and use it in a way that is digestible and valuable for our clients. In a nutshell, no-nonsense innovation.

We also believe people buy people so a great personality match is essential to a successful working relationship. Here’s some things you should know about nonon.

We eat our own dog food. And it tastes good. We believe that if we’re shouting from the rooftops about how great our approach is, then we should use it on ourselves. So we do.

We’re low on jargon and ego. Buzzwords, blurb and ramblings are really unhelpful. We use plain English in all things that we do. If we don’t, you can slap us.

We’re dead honest. We have our heads firmly on our shoulders and believe in straight talking, without being rude. We only put our heart and soul into projects when we believe there is a genuine opportunity for clients to benefit from some nonon magic.

We’re playful. We take things seriously but not at the expense of a sense of humour failure. We believe playfulness is key to being innovative and taking risks.

We’re like a dog with a bone. We believe the projects that deliver the best results are extremely challenging. We never lose our nerve and have a high tolerance to pain.

Who are nonon?

nonon is me, Sean Miller. I partner with a whole bunch of other people so I see myself as part of a collective rather than an individual. My experience is broad and colourful, here’s a brief history:

Lean lockers. I started my career as a project engineer at Link Lockers in Telford. Not quite the post-university plan I had imagined. I cut my teeth on implementing lean manufacturing techniques in the locker factory to increase throughput, improve quality and reduce costs. The labours of my effort reduced work-in-progress by 60%+. It was tough but I loved it.

Guaranteed savings. I then joined Celerant Consulting delivering guaranteed fixed cost savings for clients, for a fixed price and in a fixed time. I worked anywhere from an oil platform in the North Sea and a chemical plant in Teeside to an automotive manufacturing facility in Sweden and pulp and paper factory in Norway. I even moved to Oslo for a couple of years. My projects saved £40m+ in fixed costs over five years.

Banking bubble. On my return to the UK I joined Omega Performance, a learning and development consultancy that specialised in sales, service and leadership training in financial services. This was before the bubble burst. I developed and launched a new service offering accounting for 50% of Omega’s revenue in the first two years.

BCE. I joined Forum Corporation specialising in Branded Customer Experience (BCE) projects. On of my highlights was leading an international BCE project with Haagen-Dazs cafes increasing sales by 270% in six months across pilot stores in the UK, France, Spain and Hong Kong.

Service design magic. Prior to setting up nonon, I worked for live|work, a leading service design consultancy. As a project lead, I led a wide range of exciting projects. At BALTIC Centre for Contemporary Art we showed front line staff how to use service design tools and techniques to improve customer retention. This resulted in an 100% increase in the number of visitors who came back to the gallery after an absence of more than a year. I also headed up Service Design Capability, a service that equipped people with the foundation skills to create new services and improve existing ones.

I’m fascinated by people’s behaviour and the power of innovation. I go all out to deliver brilliant results for my clients so they can deliver brilliant experiences for their customers. Put it all together, and that’s what makes me leap out of bed in the morning. A mug of strong coffee also helps.