How we do it

insight x ideas x implementation = no-nonsense innovation.

We use a simple but powerful process broken down into three interlinking areas. This underpins our no-nonsense approach to innovation.

nonon model

Insight is all about figuring out, and defining, what the opportunity to innovate or improve really is.

Ideas are all about creating and prototyping many options in response.

Implementation is all about delivering the winning idea across your organisation and making it part of the culture. But it doesn’t end there. This process is continuous so as an organisation, you should be working across all three steps at any moment in time.

At the heart of our approach are people. Those buying and using the service or product; better known as customers. And those designing and delivering the experience; anyone from frontline staff to senior executives. We often find that organisations are out of sync with their customers which means they deliver experiences that are not valuable, and they are unlikely to be getting the best out of their people. This results in unhappy customers. And unhappy staff.

We help to get everything back in sync by reconnecting the organisation with it’s existing customers, and helping to discover new customer opportunities.

We also think it’s incredibly important to measure the impact of our work. Before we start a new project with a client, we quickly establish what success looks like and agree a set of targeted measures. This is great for keeping nonon, and our client, on track, as well as having a good reason to celebrate at the end of a project.